Mileage: 202,200 miles

Fuel: diesel

Length: 25′

Height: 13′

Equipment: Combo Range, 6 Burner Stove with Oven, Salad Bar, 36″ Flattop, Full Size Refrigerator, Full Size Freezer, Double-door drink fridge, Vertical Rotisserie, 2 Warmers, Storage, Stainless Steel Walls and Floors, A/C Unit, Tv, Cabinets, Garbage Chute, Soap Dispenser, Paper Towel Dispenser, Hand Wash Sink, 3 Compartment Sink, Hood Vent with Exhaust Fan, Fire/Ansul System, Generator, Propane

Other: currently licensed and operating in CA. Fully approved per CA specs!


Asking price: $100,000


Contact Nicholas@wtfwheresthefoodtruck.com for more details or to be connected directly with the seller.