Food truck catering options for nonprofit events

donation event to raise money with fundraising

Food truck catering options for nonprofit events

Food trucks are the best catering options for nonprofit events

  1. They come to your location
  2. They’re a turnkey solution
  3. They free up your time to concentrate on maximizing the donations

Where’s The Foodtruck connects your organization with the gourmet food trucks in your area.

When we connect food trucks and nonprofit organizations, it’s a win-win.


Boost nonprofit fundraising when using food truck catering.

Your goal is to raise the most funds for your organization.

The better experience the donor has, the happier they are, the more likely they are to open their pocketbook to donate more.

Gourmet food trucks help provide a better experience.

Food trucks get to play a part of a worthy cause, and often make donations themselves.

With a food truck onsite, more donors will attend to participate in a unique event with quality food. (hint: more attendees means more donations.)

donation event to raise money with fundraising

Nonprofit fundraising: save your time and energy for the goal: raise money.

Time is money, even in fundraising.

There is only so much time to collect donations, so the more time you have available to do this, the more donations you are able to collect.

When using a food truck to cater your event, you get a one-stop-shop for food. These professionals provide a better overall experience for you and your guests.

You’ll also have more time to spend with the donors by having somebody else handle the food.

For more information, or to book a food truck for your fundraiser, visit this post that we wrote specifically about fundraising.