Partnership with leading scheduling company!

city flavor
We are incredibly excited to announce that Where’s The Foodtruck has officially launched a partnership with City Flavor, the leading foodtruck scheduling company in the US. This partnership will benefit our clients, foodies, and vendors alike.
Clients will have access to a top-notch scheduling and booking platform through WTF. If you’re a property manager, events manager, involved in HR, self-manage foodtruck bookings for your brewery, office space, etc., THIS IS FOR YOU! And it’s FREE for you to use! (Inquire here for exclusive access.)
Foodies will be able to find more foodtrucks on more occasions at more locations across the country! And we’ll give priority to vendors offering mobile ordering so you don’t have to stand in line wasting time 😉
For vendors, the app will now serve as a way to find, book, schedule, and pay for your shifts and catering opportunities. We’ve simplified the entire process from start to finish! This is a huge step forward in the realm of mobile food booking, as never before have vendor had the ability to receive push notifications about open shifts, submit their availability, manage their schedule, and improve their sales through an app. 
If you STILL don’t have a free account setup with us, you can get started here. Yes, it’s FREE.
You’ll have access to more opportunities, marketing tools, and mobile ordering if you’re on our app. There’s no reason not to.