Are food trucks a good idea for your school festival or fundraiser?

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Why food trucks are a great idea for your school festival or fundraiser

Why are food trucks are a great idea for a school festival or fundraiser?

By increasing the quality of the experience, you can increase the donations. How? 

Better food, better experience. Happy people give more. It can be that simple. 

And you can take most food related tasks off your plate so you have time to focus on your goal. Win, win.


Food trucks can be used for any season.

Whatever time of year you have your school event (spring, summer, fall, and even winter), you can book a gourmet food truck to cater it for you.


How food trucks and WTF can help save you time when fundraising.

Our customers like to work with us because when you have a food truck at your festival it takes so many food-related tasks off your list; and with one call to us at WTF, we’ll handle it all. 

There are a lot of moving pieces when it comes to running a school event:

  • time
  • location
  • food
  • supplies
  • invites
  • …the list goes on and on

Since one of the objectives is to raise money for the school, the more time you have to talk to the parents and donors, the more money you raise.

You “get” this free time by bringing in a food truck to do what they do best: FOOD. Let us do all the heavy lifting.

Why get the community involved in fundraising?

When it comes time to planning your school fundraiser or festival, look for community involvement.  This can be in the form of financial donations, or also by involving local businesses.

You’ll support the community, local economy, and small businesses by including food trucks at your festival. 

Food trucks are a great option for catering. You can communicate directly with the business owner and chef. And you can make special menu requests.

If your festival’s open to the public, leverage the food truck’s social media and our app to increase your attendance at no added cost. 

Food trucks are often involved in the community and can help share the event on social media too.

A food truck can easily be part of your goal to support family and student involvement and fundraising. 


The Bottom Line: Food trucks help increase your fundraising. 

With high-quality food, you get a high-quality experience, and happy people give more. 


To read more on how to schedule a food truck for your school festival or fundraiser, check out our blog here.

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