Why should you offer
Mobile Ordering
to your customers?

It saves customers time.

The order ahead feature allows customers to place and pay for their orders in advance, essentially fast-tracking the purchase process. What a difference this makes for a customer – instead of arriving at your truck or trailer, waiting in line, ordering a sandwich and then waiting for the sandwich, a customer can skip past all this simply by putting in an advance order. That means he or she can then simply come to your location, walk up, grab their order and enjoy it without any of the prerequisite waiting. And, with order status notifications, they'll know exactly when their order is ready!
More time enjoying. Less time waiting.
If only every business offered this option!

customers enjoying food
customer ordering in comfort

It lets customers make decisions on their own time, and in their own comfort zone.

No more rushing to make up one’s mind. This translates to happier customers who not only feel more confident with their choices, but happier with the environment in which they were able to make them. Without the rush and pressure with other folks waiting on them, customers can browse the menu longer and order more. On average, mobile ordering results in 30% higher average ticket sales!

You make more money, and the customer is happier with a more complete order. As you know, happy customers are repeat customers!

It helps you as a business operator.

You’re more able to predict the rush when you receive your orders ahead of schedule, and be better prepared to react to the walk-ins as they come. By allowing customers to place their own orders, you can repurpose your staff, focusing more on preparation and execution. Spend more time producing and less time taking orders, payments, and on unnecessary efforts. Additionally, all of these orders are prepaid, meaning you get more business without disrupting the current state of your line or overall productivity of your restaurant.

uninterrupted food truck operator
app with square logo

It offers secure payments through Square.

When customers order ahead through our app, they're interacting directly with your Square merchant account. Their payment information is processed securely through Square and deposited directly into your account. On your end, that means a far more seamless deal as customers won’t even have to take out their wallet or share financial information once they get to your place of business. It’s strictly grab-and-go – good for them and beneficial to you.

It appeals to tech-savvy consumers.

With online shopping so popular in every sector (Amazon, UberEats, Shopify), customers love the ease of placing orders through their own devices. Technology has become an indelible part of our society. In many cases, customers are more comfortable ordering with their phone than in person. Whether ordering a book, a car, or something as simple as a sandwich, the customer will enjoy the experience more, spend more, and come back more often if you let them make a purchase how they prefer. Furthermore, customers who love tech get a chance to use their mobile devices to pay, a much preferable alternative to archaic cash or credit.

tech savvy customer

Mobile Ordering Features

Easy & direct updates and communications with your customers

No extra work, no extra platforms, no extra hardware, and no learning curve. It’s that easy. Just log into Square through our app and you’re done. We’ll do the rest.

Fully integrated with your existing Square account

No extra work, no extra platforms, no extra hardware, and no learning curve. It’s that easy. Just log into Square through our app and you’re done. We’ll do the rest.

You have full control. We give full support.

All payments, transactions, customer info, and your configuration are still yours and under your control, defined and updated by you. We offer our expertise to increase your success. We’ll analyze and optimize your system for free to help you maximize your mobile ordering revenues!