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As a foodtruck owner/operator, you’re submitting your info for us to create your customer-facing profile on our apps and website. You’re not committing to anything, signing any contracts, or anything binding. You’re just putting yourself out there for more customers to find you, and for you to actively promote yourself!

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It’s free for you to use WTF as a basic member. There’s just a one-time setup fee.

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Here are some existing vendor testimonials, too.

"I want to actively engage my customers, when it matters most.”

Passively waiting for customers to come to me wasn't part of my plan. I found myself on social media hoping for likes and follows more than I was actually doing business.
andrew rebel phillies
Andrew- Rebel Phillies
Food Truck Owner

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With notifications, you can yell at your customers:


Of our users, 96% want notifications from you! We let you send notifications at the right time, to the right people, with the tap of a button.



When you tap OPEN, you send notifications to nearby foodies, and you mark your exact location with GPS.

Customers see your profile with pictures, a description, deals, daily specials, and upcoming events, so new customers discover you and your food.


Profiles are linked to your social media, review-sites, your calendar, and your website, making it easy for customers to access and share your brand across multiple platforms.

“It’s just impressive how suddenly more customers know about us! We love it!”