Success Stories

"This app increases your truck's potential for revenue. There is no question, this app works!"
food trucks charlotte
Chef Phillip D.
Fusion Beastro
"We love the app because every time we turn it on, it brings customers to our food truck and brings in lots of revenue."
bone appetit bar-b-que
Kim D.
Bone Appetit Bar-B-Que
"I'm no good with technology, but with this app, I just tap and people know where I am. We get regulars that come to us now because of the app. And we run specials...and always see more customers. I don't know why food trucks wouldn't use this tool."
food trucks las vegas
Kurt Z.
Meats Gone Wild
"It's almost like the tinder for foodtrucks; customers select what they like and boom, they can see where we are at, meet up, and have some tasty food. It's easy and connects me to my customers."
dude wheres my hotdog
Ashley H.
Dude Where's My Hotdog?
"We go to business complexes a lot. We used to get customers from the one business we were there for, but when we use the app, we get people from nearby buildings as well. It's great that it's so effective. And easy."
food trucks salt lake city
Julio T.
50 Shades of Green
"[WTF] is all about helping the food truck small business owners reach their fullest potential. And by using this app, I have seen a boost at my ... food truck every time."
food truck charlotte
Nora S.
Kravin' Kajun
"I LOVE Where's The Foodtruck app! The app makes it easy for anyone to find their appetite and the GPS is on point. I’ve gained much more than just customers and followers from this app, I’ve gained family! Great job!"
top food trucks
Cody T.
The Spice is Right
"Where’s the Foodtruck has been a great platform for small business owners like myself. Being brand new in the food truck industry, the app has allowed us to network and meet others [... and] has provided us with jobs, events and customers."
Food truck
Andrew G.
Rebel Phillies