What if...

...your customers could easily find you, without scouring the web and social media?

...you could actively promote yourself to your customers instead of passively waiting for them to think of you?

...you had access to an entire group of foodtruck lovers? (hint: WTF users!)

...mobile ordering was simple, easy, and didn't come with extra platform fees?

All this is possible with WTF, and it’s FREE!

Tell our users your exact location, right when you’re open, with push notifications right to their phones, and allow them to order ahead to increase your revenues through both new and repeat customers.

Super simple, I know!

And we offer so much more, like catering and scheduling opportunities, operational products and services, and more.

Be seen

With push notifications, you can scream:


Of our users, 96% want notifications from you! We let you send notifications at the right time, to the right people, with the tap of a button.



When you tap OPEN, we send push notifications to all of our foodies within five miles of you!

Our users see your profile with pictures, a description, deals, daily specials, upcoming events, and your menu so new customers discover you and your food.


Profiles are linked to your social media, review-sites, your calendar, and your website, making it easy for customers to access and share your brand across multiple platforms.

“It’s just impressive how suddenly more customers know about us! We love it!”

Be seen, BE FOUND, and BE SHARED!

"I want to actively engage my customers, when it matters most.”

Passively waiting for customers to come to me wasn't part of my plan. I found myself on social media hoping for likes and follows more than I was actually doing business.
andrew rebel phillies
Andrew- Rebel Phillies
Food Truck Owner

Membership Options


  • ZERO-commission mobile ordering
  • Add your own customers to market to
  • Unlimited location sharing
  • Alert nearby customers when you open
  • Provide directions to your exact location
  • Receive catering and event requests
  • Free profile listing on app & website
  • Free custom profile landing page
  • Backlinks to your social media & website
  • Higher search engine rankings
  • ZERO monthly fees!
  • One-time setup fee, including exclusive sticker pack