Mobile Ordering: Setting Up and Accepting Orders

1. Connect Your POS to WTF

connect pos to wheres the foodtruck

Click on Settings in the left sidebar.


In "In-app Ordering", click the checkbox then click Connect to Square.

2. Confirm the Selected Location

confirm foodtruck location selection

After connecting, confirm the Selected Location is correct.


Change the Selected Location if necessary.

3. Check That Your Menu Looks GREAT

foodtruck menu looks great

In the WTF customer app, check that your menu looks GREAT!
Do you have categories and pictures?


Do you have item descriptions and modifiers? Do you offer options?

4. Tell Customers to Order Ahead

tell customers about mobile ordering

We'll send you customized graphics. Use them online for our users to know they can order ahead.


You can find even more graphics and texts to use online on our share page at WheresTheFoodtruck.com/share

I'm Set Up, Now How's It Work?

1. Customer Places Order

When a customer places an order, the payment and the order info goes directly to your merchant account. You’ll receive a notification in your POS; this and all other orders can be found in the ORDERS tab in your Square dashboard. You’ll also get a notification in the WTF app as a failsafe to make sure you see every incoming order.

*Note 1: you must turn on order notifications on your POS device.

*Note 2: if you have a printer, we can set incoming orders to automatically print!

2. You Start the Order

After getting the order details within the POS, start the order. Mark the order as “In Progress” from within the POS. This can be done from the orders dashboard or from within the order itself. We’ll send the customer an order status alert that you’ve started the order.

3. You Complete the Order

When the order is complete, hop back into the order and mark it as “Ready”. This can be done from the Orders dashboard or from within the order itself. We’ll send the customer a notification that the order is ready and they should pick it up.

4. We Follow-Up

About 30 minutes after you mark the order as ready, if the customer hasn’t tipped you through our app, we’ll gently nudge them with a notification asking them to “tip the crew” if they enjoyed the experience.

Other Features

  • Every incoming order will display the customer’s name. We’ve added “WTF” in front of the customer name so you know they ordered through the app. Like this: “WTF John Doe”.
  • If for some reason you need to contact the customer, we provide you a way to call them directly through our app. Go to the Orders tab in WTF and next to each customer name is a phone button. Tap it to call the customer.
  • We charge the customer $0.99 per order through WTF. This fee is processed through your merchant account and automatically transferred to us. Note that the $0.99 customer fee appears in your POS reporting as a fee to you because you’re technically paying it to us, but it’s paid first by the customer to you.
  • You can pause mobile ordering if you’re busy. Pausing it will turn it back on next time you mark OPEN. Or you can stop mobile ordering. Stopping it will prevent customers from ordering until you manually resume this feature.

Additional Info and Help

Want our 1-on-1 help? Schedule a call with one of our professionals. Together we'll review your POS setup and walk through the ordering process.

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