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Benefit of Inviting a Food Truck to Your Next Holiday Event

Around the holiday season, many companies are looking for ways to treat their employees for a hard year of work. The company holiday party is perhaps the most anticipated event of the year. Creating a unique experience for your employees will communicate your gratitude for their efforts. Make your holiday event unique and tasty by inviting a food truck to participate.

Keep Attendees Warm and Cheery

A party is never a party if food and drink are not involved. Attendees expect you to provide some sort of refreshment. Whether this is a full meal, or light refreshments, you can hire a food truck to cater for your guests. Food trucks have the benefit of offering warm meals, rather than catered food that is made in a massive batch and gets cold quickly. A food truck can also act as an open bar offering hot chocolate, coffee, and drinks throughout the evening.

Make Your Event Merry and Bright

You can host your event inside and still experience winter magic with crisp air, and warm food provided by a food truck. Many owners decorate their trucks for the holiday season with decorations and lights. Food trucks also give you a natural excuse to separate food stations from the rest of the party. A food truck is not only convenient, but a natural decorative piece at a party. Help your guests feel unique and excited by inviting a truck to spruce up your holiday event.

Support a Local Business

Holidays are a time for expressing gratitude, giving back, and serving those around you. During this time, it is common for individuals to find ways to benefit their local community. Many try to shop small and support local businesses. A food truck’s most popular season is during the summer. Cold temperatures make it difficult to bring in customers and a consistent revenue. Inviting a food truck to your holiday event gives you an opportunity to pay it forward and support a local business.

Food trucks are an easy, hassle-free way to cater to any party. Instead of worrying about a catering team or supplying enough food and drink for your guests, let a food truck serve them. Food trucks will always offer an element of surprise and joy when mixed with a holiday company party.

Check out our ­­Catering Request page to invite a food truck to your next holiday event.

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