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Benefits of Leasing Parking Space to a Foodtruck

As a business owner, you may have additional parking space that goes unused. Rather than dealing with an empty lot, consider renting out the unused space. When you lease parking space to a food truck, you will attract more customers, receive an extra source of revenue, and show community engagement by supporting a local business.

Attract More Customers

Offering a space for food trucks to park will draw customers to your business who otherwise wouldn’t think of going. For example, after a soccer game a mom may stop to get her car full of kids snow cones. While they are distracted and happy, she may realize she needs to pick up a few groceries. You have made it convenient to do it all in one stop. For this mom, you have targeted a customer at the right time and in the right place. Whether you own a grocery store, gas station, dental office, pawn shop or something else completely, association and proximity will expand your audience and brand awareness.

Turn Unused Space into Revenue

Leasing a parking space is safe and easy. Working with one tenant and a simple contract will make your role as a landlord easy. You don’t have to worry about building repairs and complaints. Whatever agreement you arrange will help protect your assets. Leasing is also a great way to turn unused space into an additional stream of revenue. Food truck owners will love the inexpensive option to have a reliable location for their truck, trailer, or popup tent. And you get to establish a consistent source of additional income. Depending on the size of your lot, unused space, and revenue needs, this can be a reliable option for your business.

Support Local Businesses

Supporting local businesses gives your business and your local community benefits that national chains rarely provide. Establishing a relationship with a local food truck will improve the local economy with local customers investing in both of your businesses. Your community will also recognize the support you give to other small businesses. Connect with your community and surrounding businesses by offering a spot for a food truck to park.

Deciding to lease parking space is easy. You will develop great relationships with your tenant and increase your business’ performance. Add variety by turning a section of your parking lot into a food truck attraction.

To find and connect with potential food truck clients near you, look at our ­Map Page for a list of local vendors..

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