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Benefits of Mobile Ordering

Have you ever looked out your office window, seen your favorite foodtruck, and didn’t have the time to go downstairs and get it? Mobile ordering lets you continue working (or enjoying your time at an event) and pick up your food when it’s ready. Skip the lines, feel secure in the payment system, and have no pressure in making your decision by choosing mobile ordering.

Skip The Lines

Mobile foodtrucks are designed for convenience and speed. These restaurants on wheels offer a way for you to grab a bite without sitting down and waiting for a busy kitchen. Sometimes, especially at peak business hours, the line can still get in your way. Where’s the Foodtruck offers a mobile ordering option that lets you skip the line. Mobile ordering provides a digital channel that lets you connect to a foodtruck from anywhere, no matter their location. Order your food easily through the app, continue with your current activity, and you’ll get order status updates right through the app so you know exactly when your order is ready for you.

Secure Payment System

Foodtrucks that offer mobile ordering through Where’s The Foodtruck use Square as their integrated POS system. Mobile ordering technology integrates with the system and helps keep track of your order from start to finish. Your order and your money are processed through a secure payment system. (Read more about Square’s security practices here.) You can also use payment methods already saved in your phone for added security and to track spending. You can feel confident that the transaction is processed properly, knowing exactly how much you will be charged.

Low-Pressure Decision Making

Sometimes looking at a menu, adding up prices, and deciding what your taste buds are calling for can be stressful! One of the major benefits of mobile ordering is the low-pressure decision making. When you choose mobile ordering, you can take your time to completely customize your order. You get to look at all the details of a menu item, and all the menu’s items(!),  before deciding what you want. No one is waiting for you to decide, and your food will be ready just the way you like it, when you’re ready.

Ordering your food ahead guarantees you skip the lines, cutting down on wasted time. Mobile ordering offers secure payment systems, giving you peace of mind. Mobile ordering also takes the pressure out of deciding what you want, making the experience more enjoyable for you.

If you haven’t already, download our ­­Customer App to help with your future mobile orders!

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