Best Practices for Catering at Professional Events

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Best Practices for Catering at Professional Events

As food trucks gain in popularity, more and more people are hiring them for professional occasions. While food trucks tend to offer a more relaxed, fun vibe, you will expand your clientele if you can be flexible enough to serve at a wide variety of events. Here are three things to consider when you’re asked to cater at a more formal setting, such as corporate events, awards ceremonies, weddings, and more.

Avoid Messy Foods

Food truck food is known for being finger-licking good. However, people in more formal settings can’t be licking their fingers or having sauce dribble down their faces! At these events, you’ll need to serve food that lends to a more professional environment. Think about how these people will be dressed, the formality of the occasion, and what types of conversations will be going on. When people are dressed nicely, the formality is high, and quiet business conversations are happening, the food should be easy to eat. Plan your menu with foods that aren’t messy, and that allow for conversation.

Provide Seating

One way that you can set yourself apart from other food trucks is to invest in banquet style seating. Event planners will be thrilled to know that they can get their tables, chairs, and even table coverings from the same place that they get their food. While parties and other less formal events cater more toward standing and mingling, people at professional events are more likely to need a place to sit comfortably while they eat. The investment in seating for your clients will be well worth the money spent, as you’ll be more versatile than other food trucks.

Ask About Special Dietary Needs

In a professional setting, chances are good that the event planner will know of any special dietary needs that their guests might have. Ask about these needs well in advance so that you can plan your menu accordingly. Group events can be a major challenge for people with food allergies and other dietary restrictions. It will mean a lot if you can make special accommodations that will allow them to enjoy the meal like everyone else. Going the extra mile for your customers is a great way to get the word out that your food truck is the one to choose for big events.

Just because food trucks are typically associated with informal venues doesn’t mean that you can’t branch out and cater to a wide variety of occasions. The more flexible you can be, the more business you will get. And remember, the experience is key at professional events.

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