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where the food logo

Logo- stroked

This is our basic logo in png format (no background image). The words "WHERE'S THE" are outlined in white. This is best if adding to an image with a darker background.

WTF logo

Logo- no stroke

This is our basic logo in png format (no background image). There is no outline around any of the text. This is best if adding to an image with a white or light background.


Logo- w background

This is our logo in a squared format, placed on our 'food' background.

round logo

Logo- round

This is our logo in png format (no background outside of the shaded circle. This helps the logo stand out against it's own stylized white background.

map screenshot square

App Map

If you're looking to share a busy map screenshot, this one shows an array of foodtrucks and pop-up tents.

all product phones for ppt

App Screens

This is a wide graphic, showing off most of the features on our apps.

Vendor National Map

Vendors in the US

Here's a graphic showing the 3,000+ mobile food vendors that are currently using our app. We're in nearly every state in the US!

wtf customer qr unlimited

Customer App download

This QR code will bring an iOS or Android phone right to the app store to download the Where's The Foodtruck app.

Here are some texts for online use. (Just highlight, copy, and paste.)

Finally, a better way to find foodtrucks when you’re looking for a good, authentic meal.

Looking for a foodtruck? Well, the search is over… literally. Find the best foodtrucks around, using real-time GPS!

We’re now on WTF!?! Where’s The Foodtruck? You can see our exact location any time we’re open. We’ll also post deals, daily specials, and events.

WTF!?! Can’t find a foodtruck? Now you can find us and hundreds of other foodtrucks using GPS with this simple app. There’s also deals, daily specials, and events to satisfy all your foodtruck cravings!

We were built for curbside, take-out, and to-go. Want to know where to find us? Download the Where’s The Foodtruck app and find us any time we’re out!

We’ve got the perfect safe, secure, and contactless way to order and pay for your food. Download the Where’s The Foodtruck app and order from our menu and get notifications when we’ve started and finished your food!

WTF!?! Don’t call in your order. Don’t text me your order. Order right through the WTF (Where’s The Foodtruck) app!

We’ll notify you as soon as your order’s ready.

Don’t like lines? Skip ’em. 

Order ahead with the free Where’s The Foodtruck app.

Find us, order, pickup, enjoy!

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