food truck foods for the health nut

Food Truck Foods for the Health Nut

When you think of food trucks, you don’t normally think of health foods. Most often, people call to mind street tacos, hearty burgers, and rich and delicious funnel cakes. However, today’s food trucks are far more diverse than many people give them credit for. While there is certainly no lack of irresistible, high-calorie food truck fare out there, there are healthy options as well. Here are three healthy food truck options for the health nut in you!

Hummus and Veggies at Greek Food Trucks

If you can get your hands on a Greek food truck, you’re sure to find something healthy to eat! Your best option is creamy hummus and bold, beautiful veggies. Hummus is generally chickpea-based, and is delicious with crisp, seasonal veggies such as sliced red pepper, carrots, and cucumber. With its bean base and nutrient-rich veggies, you can’t go wrong with hummus and veggies!

Curries at Asian Food Trucks

Whether it is Indian, Korean, or Thai—curry is a healthy and yummy option at Asian food trucks. Curries are generally chock-full of vitamin-rich vegetables. Additionally, it’s commonly served over a bed of rice rather than accompanied by fried foods such as French fries. Plus, there are few foods more comforting than warm, soothing, hearty curry.

Fish Tacos at Mexican Food Trucks

Fish tacos are an excellent, healthy option at trucks serving Mexican foods. Fish is low on calories and high on Omega 3 fatty acids—which are powerful brain boosters. Add lettuce, salsa, and a whole-grain, corn tortilla, and your fish tacos become a well-balanced, healthy meal. Another healthy meat option for your taco is shrimp.

Eating at a food truck doesn’t have to mean compromising your health. Or the taste. Many trucks offer mouth-watering, healthy options. And most food truck chefs are willing to modify menu items, so be sure to ask if you can get a healthier option. At a burger truck, skip the bun and have them wrap it in lettuce. At a pizza truck, load it with veggies instead of all the meats. At a BBQ truck, choose the chicken and beans rather than the brisket and fries. With a little thought, you can get a delicious, healthy meal at just about any food truck.

In addition to wanting something a little leaner, you might also have a food allergy or sensitivity. If so, click here for ideas on how to navigate that challenge. While you’re at it, check the WTF app to find out what trucks are in your area. Why cook tonight when an amazing dinner out is waiting just for you?

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