food truck foods that rake in the profit

Food Truck Foods that Rake in the Profits

Of course you want your food truck to be as profitable as possible. That means walking a tightrope between purchasing quality ingredients, charging enough to make a profit, and offering deals that people will flock in for. And you know better than anyone—quality ingredients don’t come cheap. However, there are some foods that cost less to produce that are still major crowd pleasers. If you can incorporate one or more of the following foods into your menu, you’re more likely to rake in the profits!


Pizza is one of those foods that people consistently love, and yet it is relatively inexpensive to produce, thanks to the major extent of it consisting of flour and water. Plus, it’s highly customizable. If your truck sells Greek food, concoct an irresistible Greek pizza to add to your menu. If your food truck is more of a grill, grilled pizza tastes amazing! Are you a chicken or BBQ joint? BBQ chicken pizza is a favorite. Find some way to add a pizza to your menu and watch your profits rise!


Curries aren’t just for food trucks selling Asian fare. You can incorporate a curry into just about any style of food truck. Not only is curry easy to prepare in large batches that you can serve all day, but it is also inexpensive to make and rising in popularity. Create a curry recipe that utilizes seasonal produce. Play with your truck’s theme to create a delicious curry fusion. If you can figure out a creative way to add curry to your menu, you will have an important staple readily available throughout the day for people who crave the warm, spicy comfort of curry.


Fries are quite possibly the least expensive and yet most versatile food to produce. Any truck should be able to incorporate fries into their menu. You have loaded fries, cheese fries, carne asada fries, pulled pork fries, nacho fries, herbed fries, sweet potato fries, curried fries, chili fries, pizza fries, and more. In addition to fries, you can get creative with potato wedges and tater tots, as well. *Just be careful not to make your fryer the choke-point of your operation.

By incorporating inexpensive crowd favorites into your menu and making them your own, you can increase your profits significantly. Runners up include mac-n-cheese, burgers, hot dogs, pasta, grilled cheese, and soft drinks. The trick is to draw in the crowds while rolling in the dough.

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