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Gourmet food truck vs. old-school "lunch" truck

Modern food trucks and old school “lunch” trucks have more differences than similarities.

Gone are the silver pickups with microwaves and prepackaged meals.

Hello gourmet food trucks that get you fresh food prepared specially for you when you order.

They both serve food and they’re both mobile. That’s about all they have in common.

The type of food they serve, how they operate, who runs them, and what they look like are the biggest areas they differ.

The difference between how food trucks and lunch trucks serve food

When it comes to ordering and getting food at these two types of vendors, they vary greatly in preparation, ingredients, and how the food is cooked and served.

Today’s gourmet food trucks (the only ones you’ll find on WTF) are more popular than ever.

Old school food trucks are more of a mobile convenience store. They roll up, you reach in, grab your item, pay, and you go.

Gourmet food trucks are worth looking for, and can often be hard to find (unless they’re on our app). Lunch trucks hunt you down to make a sale. 

YourPanadas gourmet foodtruck YourPanadas gourmet foodtruck

Food truck THEN vs. NOW

Over the last decade, food trucks have developed into chef-driven operations with inspired menus, like YourPanadas (pictured above as “now”). John and Jinelle, the owners/operators of YourPanadas, hand craft their elevated empanadas and modify the menu with the season.

Foodtrucks nowadays are true restaurants on wheels that prepare your food made to order. These chefs and trucks are worthy of food shows on The Food Network, The Travel Channel, TLC, Netflix Originals, and more.

They look different, too, with full custom graphics and decked out trucks. We’ve seen customized grilles, flat screen tvs, LED lights, sound systems, … the works. 

And when they’re out and about, the way they serve the food is different, taking the time to chat with a new customer and provide not only an amazing meal, but an experience as well.

Get out and go discover a gourmet food truck near you. To learn more about modern food trucks, check out this blog post.

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