Food trucks vs Restaurants

Food trucks vs. Restaurants: What’s The Difference?

  1. Well, simply put, they both serve food and have chef-inspired menus. Think of food trucks as mobile restaurants, or restaurants on wheels. (Often, the only difference is the plate and the price tag.)
  2. The menu size, menu planning, ingredients, and owners are where you will see the differences.

So let’s dive into food trucks a little deeper:

  •  Many food trucks have local ties.
  • They use local ingredients (when possible).
  • They have chef inspired menus. The owner/operator is often a trained chef.
  • They feature local cuisines, or cuisines authentic to their home.
  • They are owned by local business owners.
  • They are small businesses.
food truck hamburger restaurant hamburger

Which have more local ties, food trucks or restaurants?

That’s a tough question, and the answer varies greatly.

Food trucks are often owned by a local business owner and chef. The menus are smaller and centered around the local ingredients.

Restaurants may be part of a chain, and their menu planning and owners are located elsewhere often designed in a corporate office. (That’s not authentic at all!)

Are food trucks “real” restaurants?

Yes! The gourmet food trucks of today are legitimate restaurants and have to follow similar, if not more exhaustive, regulations as brick-and-mortar restaurants.

They also have regular health inspections. Some jurisdictions across the country will inspect mobile food vendors at every festival and event they attend!

In general, food trucks and restaurants have similar business license requirements.

The point is, no matter if the restaurant is mobile or not, there are regulations and health inspections. Owners and operators take pride in their food establishments, even if it’s on wheels.

To learn more about food trucks and their operations, read more in this blog here.

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