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What to expect when hiring a food truck for your event?

There are many types of events, many types of mobile food vendors, and therefore many variants to be considered and discussed when hiring a foodtruck for your event. 

The two most popular ways to hire a foodtruck are paid catering and guaranteed sales. For this blog post, we’ll be focusing on paid catering.

So what is paid catering?

Paid catering refers to the sourcing of a food and beverage provider for your special event, paid in advance by the event organizer and typically paid per person.

There are many different types of events that you might want a caterer for, such as weddings, graduations, birthdays, sports events, business celebrations, fundraisers, and more.

Food makes everything better. When hiring a caterer, you’ll need to know your budget, your expected guest count, your venue, and any local or venue restrictions for providing food to your guests. The foodtruck operator that you choose to cater your event has likely catered many special events in the past and can help you navigate local city and state restrictions.

What will catering your event cost you?

Caterers will charge per person attending your event. Most events start with a guest count of 100 and increase in size from there. Smaller events such as birthday parties, etc. have a lower guest count. We still book foodtrucks for events like these, but foodtruck operators are a bit more particular due to the budget limitations.

Now, traditional catering often ranges from $25 per person for informal events to $125 per person for formal events like wedding receptions.

Hiring a foodtruck as your caterer can many times save you a lot of money. For example, we priced out a traditional caterer for a wedding at $70 per person. We booked a foodtruck for our client at only $30 per person, saving the client thousands of dollars!

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It's not that complicated.

Simpler than you might think. Because we can do it for you!

We love planning the ideal food and beverage experience to complement your special event. We know events; we know F&B; and we definitely know foodtrucks.

There are no extra fees to you as a client to take advantage of our expertise. To get started, fill out this short form here so we can help source and plan the ideal food experience to fit your budget!

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