food truck foods to personalize

Fun Food Truck Foods to Personalize

When you’re deciding which foods to serve at your food truck, you probably take into consideration your expertise and profitability. Those are important considerations, but part of the charm of a food truck is the freedom to be creative and innovative. When you take a popular, highly profitable food and twist it to make it yours, you’re getting to the core of what a food truck is all about.


Everyone loves a burger. Even more, people love trying new twists on burgers. Whatever the theme of your food truck is, there’s probably a way to serve it up as a burger. Think taco burgers—or burger tacos! Or Cajun burgers. Chicken burgers. Meatloaf burgers. Smokin’ hot burgers. BBQ burgers. Bruschetta burgers. Pizza burgers—or burger pizza. Vegan burgers. Burger omelets. Hotdog burgers. Burgers from any type of meat imaginable. When you think outside the box and add your personal style, you can design a unique burger that people will be lining up to try.


One of the most profitable food truck items is the simple french fry. But why serve a simple fry when you can get creative and come up with something magical? Fries pair well with just about everything. To start, take your theme and add it to fries. You might get something like Asian fries, Carne Asada fries, taco fries, loaded fries, shepherd’s pie fries, BBQ chicken fries, chili fries, fry bowls, mashed potatoes and gravy fries, nacho fries, Philly cheesesteak fries, and more. The sky’s the limit when it comes to fries.

Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Mac ‘n’ cheese is the number one comfort food in the US. No menu is complete without some version of mac ‘n’ cheese! Think baked mac ‘n’ cheese. Or, have you ever tried breadsticks or rolls with mac ‘n’ cheese baked inside? Heaven! Broccoli and cheddar mac ‘n’ cheese is a classic. Or you could go with the always delicious breaded and fried mac ‘n’ cheese sticks. Use fried mac ‘n’ cheese instead of a bun on your burgers. Load it up with bacon. There are so many ways to customize the always yummy, hot and comforting, crowd-pleasing mac ‘n’ cheese.

Part of the allure of a food trick is the fun! Make your food fun, too, by taking common, profitable foods and adding your own personalized touch. People are always on the hunt for something new. Give them delicious food and a unique experience by customizing your menu items.

As you come up with new menu ideas, you might want to use this excellent resource for finding the best places to stock up your kitchen. Click here for some suggestions.

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