fun foods to try at your county fair

Fun Foods to Try at Your County Fair

Summer is here, and that means ice cream trucks, delicious juicy watermelon, and long lazy evenings with friends and family. It also means county fair time! Everyone loves the fair, not least of all because of the amazing food. When it comes to fair food, calories don’t count! The richer, fattier, and sweeter—the better. It’s basically an American tradition to forget about your diet when you’re at the fair. This year, be sure to try the following fair favorites.

Fried Everything

Fairs are for frying. And by frying, we mean everything you could possibly imagine! If you can eat it—or drink it—the fair can fry it. Think fried sweet tea, fried beer, deep fried lattes, and fried Coke. Or there are classics like fried twinkies, fried pickles, fried Oreos, fried ice cream, and fried apple fritters like pictured above. If you want to go for the outrageous, try fried milk and cookies, deep fried chocolate cake with bacon, and even fried butter! Can you even imagine fried peanut butter banana cheeseburgers? Well, some creative food truck owner did at the Texas State Fair! Of course, the specific fried foods available will depend on your location, but be sure to discover and sample some of the crazy and delicious fried foods at your county fair.

Turkey Legs

You’ve probably seen them at amusement parks or food truck events. And you probably also experienced the acute pang of food jealousy whenever you have. We’re talking about turkey legs here. Those massive, golden-brown, mouth-watering hunks of meat that you’ve seen people gorging themselves on as they walk. If you haven’t tried a roasted turkey leg yet, this year is your time! Turkey legs are a fair icon, and there’s a reason for that. They’re delicious, filling, and relatively healthy. Plus, they come with a convenient, built-in handle!

Dessert Nachos

Fair food is where normal food meets Willy Wonka. Case in point: Dessert Nachos. Dessert nachos are what happen in the aftermath of a collision between a churro, a deep frier, an ice cream shop, and a candy store. The end result is warm, cold, sweet, cinnamony deliciousness that you don’t want to miss!

The fair is nostalgia at its finest! In between the magicians and acrobats, be sure to sample some of the street food. You won’t find some of these amazing concoctions anywhere else, so don’t miss out! When it comes to fair food, the wilder the better.

Once you’ve sampled the best fair fare around, keep getting your fix by checking out other food trucks near you (even when the fair isn’t in town!). Click here to learn about places you’re likely to find a new food truck to try and love!

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