Fun Valentine Dates to Plan with Your Significant Other

Fun Valentine Dates to Plan with Your Significant Other

Fun Valentine Dates to Plan with Your Significant Other

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to treat your significant other to a fun date, especially if you have been in a bit of a dating rut. While there are plenty of romantic options, it can be exciting to do something out of the normal and get out and explore where you live and all of the things that it has to offer.

Food Truck Dinner

Rather than trying to make a restaurant reservation or stressing over making dinner yourself, go on a food truck adventure to satisfy your appetite. You can pick a favorite that the both of you enjoy, try a new food truck you’ve had your eye on, or you can even make it a progressive dinner by buying different items from a variety of food trucks to put together a great meal. Food trucks have fabulous offerings that can rival any restaurant, with cheaper prices, fewer crowds, and often times more experimental recipes. You can take the food to a park, back to your house, or on a walk, all while spending more time focused on your partner.

Axe Throwing

Axe throwing may seem like a slightly aggressive date option, but it is actually incredibly popular and can be a great time. There are plenty of axe-throwing businesses, and they’re often set up for dates and have date night specials you can take advantage of. You can either practice throwing at targets or playing a game like tic-tac-toe. This is a great way to get some light exercise, learn something new, and release some stress while still being able to have a conversation with your significant other. Some axe-throwing places even have knives you can throw, so be ready to bring out your inner ninja.


There are a wide variety of crafts you can try as a couple, and many of them make a great date night. You can go with something a little more traditional and low-key like painting a mug or following a Bob Ross tutorial, or you can venture into something a little more irregular, like metal smithing, glassblowing, or woodworking. The great thing with this kind of date is that you will each leave with something that you made, which is a great souvenir for your date night. Many crafting businesses offer Valentine’s specials, so you can work as a couple and learn some new skills. This is the perfect time to try something that you’ve always wanted to do.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be the same kind of date that you always have, nor does it have to be super romantic. Take the time to talk with your partner about what you both want to do and how you can make it fun and focused on your relationship.

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