How to Accommodate People With Disabilities at Your Food Truck

how to accomodate people with disabilities at your food truck

How to Accommodate People With Disabilities at Your Food Truck

Of course you want your food truck to be accessible to everyone, but with such limited space to work with, and locations changing regularly, it can be difficult to know how to better accommodate people with disabilities. However, you’ll be happy to know that there are a number of ways to make your truck more accessible. Here are three simple changes that will increase your accessibility.

Provide Menus in Braille and Large Print

You can accommodate the visually impaired by creating specially designed menus. For the blind, ordering is much easier with a braille version of the menu. Otherwise, blind individuals have to endure the awkward back and forth of having the menu read verbally for them. For people with visual impairments who aren’t blind, draw up a menu in large print. Reading tiny letters on a printed menu or distant words on a menu board can be difficult and strenuous for the visually impaired. They will be far more comfortable choosing from a large print menu that they can read on their own.

Offer Online Ordering

The best way to serve people with hearing impairments is to learn sign language. However, because developing that skill takes a long time, your next best option is to offer online ordering. With online ordering services like those offered through the WTF app, deaf individuals can easily select what they want from the menu without the embarrassment of an awkward exchange. At the very least, keep a pen and pad of paper handy so that your deaf customers can communicate with you more easily and effectively.

Offer Assistance

The most important thing that you can do to be more accommodating to your customers with disabilities is to train your employees to be sensitive and look for ways to help out. For example, you may need to step out of the truck to assist people in wheelchairs. Be cognizant of any difficulties that your customers might face, and offer assistance when necessary. Just remember, it’s common courtesy to ask if someone would like assistance before stepping in and helping.

As a food truck owner, you don’t have a brick-and-mortar building that can be fixed up to be more accessible. However, there are things you can do to better accommodate customers with disabilities. No one should be kept from your food truck because you’re unable to address their needs.

Another need you should be aware of in the food service industry is food allergies. Click here to learn more about how to better assist those specific needs. Then, make sure your info is up to date with the WTF app!

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