How to Attract Customers If You’re Near a Food Truck Selling the Same Type of Food

How to Attract Customers If You’re Near a Food Truck Selling the Same Type of Food

How to Attract Customers If You’re Near a Food Truck Selling the Same Type of Food

You’ve just pulled your food truck into its spot so you can set up and start selling delicious food. There’s just one problem – you’re right next to another food truck selling the same type of food and neither of you plans to move. Now you have to figure out how to stand out so you can attract customers to your food truck. Do you know what to do?

Make Your Pricing Competitive

Customers who haven’t ever tried food from your truck before will be attracted first by the type of food you’re offering and the prices second. Hopefully, you’ve made what you’re selling obvious, so the next thing to do is make sure your pricing is competitive, especially in comparison to your competition. Don’t just slash prices to attract customers though. Make sure your prices make sense for how much food you’re serving as well. People are often willing to pay a little more, or even the same as they would at another truck if it means they get more food for it.

Serve Quality Food

Naturally, the food is the selling point. You have to serve quality food to encourage people to buy from you. It all starts with choosing quality ingredients. From there, careful preparation ensures that your food is cooked properly and has balanced flavors. Finally, thoughtful plating brings everything together. Remember, people eat with their eyes first and their mouths second.

Offer Outstanding Customer Service

Your customer service can make or break the entire experience for your customers. Amazing customer service can make an otherwise ordinary experience into something extraordinary for your customers. Keep an eye on anyone who approaches your food truck so you’re ready to respond to them when they’re ready for you. Be fast, efficient, and friendly; service with a smile goes a long way with a lot of people.

You can’t always count on being the only taco truck or sandwich truck (or the only truck serving any other kind of food) at any given location. Make sure you know how to set your food truck apart from any other food truck, no matter who’s around. That will give you your best chance at attracting the customers you need to make your food truck successful.

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