How to Create a Sense of Community in Your Neighborhood

build community in your neighborhood

How to Create a Sense of Community in Your Neighborhood

The best neighborhoods are the ones where the kids play together during those magical summer evenings, adults sit outside and share a drink and a good gab session, and neighbors are quick to lend a hand. Everyone wants that kind of neighborhood, but they don’t just happen. They take effort and planning. Whether you’re an HOA president or simply a caring neighbor, here are three ways to build a sense of community in your neighborhood.

Hold Summer Flamingo Parties

If you haven’t heard of flamingo parties, now’s the time to change that. They’re a fabulous way for neighbors to get to know each other in a casual, easy way. A flamingo party is simply a weekly, casual get-together at the home of a volunteer within the neighborhood. They take place outside, so household cleanup isn’t necessary! The kids play in the yard while the adults mingle. The party’s on the same day every week, and people take turns hosting them. It’s called a flamingo party because a plastic pink flamingo is used to mark the party site. With very little work, you could start a flamingo party tradition in your neighborhood!

Plan Holiday Events

The holidays are perfect for building community. These events don’t have to be complicated—just fun! You could start a “Pixie Week” in February where neighbors pass along a treat or kind deed in secret. Easter is the perfect time for a neighborhood picnic and easter egg hunt. If your neighborhood has a pool, you could start a 4th of July neighborhood pool party and potluck. Hold block parties outside on Halloween so that the adults can have fun together while the kids trick-or-treat. And Christmas is a fun time to offer activities for the kids, such as crafts, treats, and a visit from Santa.

Hold Regular Food Truck Nights

Nothing gets the neighbors running like a food truck parked in their very own neighborhood. This is especially true if it becomes a tradition. If you can convince a food truck that neighbors will come flocking, they’ll be happy to visit your neighborhood at a set time and day each week. Mix it up by bringing in different food trucks. And be sure to let your neighbors know ahead of time so that they can make plans to come. The delicious food will draw them in, and the camaraderie will make them stay!

Friendly neighborhoods are safer, happier places to live. The more you can build a sense of community within your neighborhood, the better off everyone will be. Do you know your neighbor? If not, it’s time to make a change. Hold flamingo parties, plan holiday parties, and bring in the food trucks!

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