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How to Create a Unique Date Night Experience

Weekend date night is great when you have something planned, but it can be tricky to plan when it seems like nothing is going on. Impress a new date or spice things up with a more experienced relationship by visiting a food truck roundup. This type of event will provide, dinner, an activity, talking, laughing, and of course a unique date night experience.

Find an Event Nearby

Especially during the warmer months, there are countless activities and events going on that you can bet there will be food trucks. Look at your cities local calendar to see what fair, movie in the park, or other events are going on. Many cities like to host a food truck roundup 2-3 times a month on a designated day. If you can’t find a specific event that is sure to attract trucks, look online or on our app for a food truck locator.

Set a Budget

Once you find your roundup you should set a budget with your partner. Set aside a certain amount for your appetizer, drink, meal, and dessert or lump the sum together. Even $15 per person can go a long way in having a great time. You certainly don’t have to set a budget, but sometimes the fun comes from examining all the options available and making a decision to fit the requirements of “the game”. Keep in mind, this date is meant to be easy and fun, not expensive.

Sample Foods from Each Food Truck

Now that you’ve set a budget, as yummy as the food may look, try not to spend it all in one place. People often talk about supporting local businesses, there is no better way to do that than sampling foods from each of the food trucks available. These restaurants on wheels rely on your business for their success. Create a taste testing competition and soon you’ll be an expert in customer favorites from food trucks like The Dragon Grille, Poppy’s Woodfired Pizza, and The Sweet Flamingo.  Give yourself variety and a chance to try everything by visiting each truck.

Couples often get stuck repeating the same date night week after week. First dates can also feel monotonous when there is lack of creativity. Impress your partner next time with dinner, an activity, and (depending on the event type) maybe a show, for the ultimately unique date night experience.

Check out our Events Page or download our app to find the next food truck event near you!

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