how to expand your food trucks outreach

How to Expand Your Food Truck's Outreach

As a food truck owner, you know that your service is top-notch and your food is out of this world. Everyone else should know that too! Because most food trucks don’t utilize typical marketing tools, they rely heavily on word of mouth and location. While those methods work well, you can get even more customers by expanding your outreach. Here’s how to get the word out there without spending a fortune on advertising.

Use Social Media

Social media is a small business owner’s best friend. It offers a vast outreach but costs literally nothing. It makes sense to take advantage of every social media opportunity that you can. Post fun videos of food challenges or happy customers enjoying their meal. Create a strong presence on Facebook and Instagram. Get in touch with the younger generation through TikTok. Reward your customers for posting about your food truck. Let people know who you are and why you do what you do. Really sell your brand!

Participate in Local Competitions

Whenever there are food competitions in your area, show up and participate! Not only will you expand your outreach to the attendees, but you might be featured on the news or in the local paper. People love that warm and fuzzy feeling of community, and participating in local events makes your food truck feel like home.

Sell Branded Merch

One of the secrets of the most successful businesses in the food industry is the use of branding. Your food truck should be more than just lunch or dinner for your customers. It should be an experience! However, this only happens through smart branding and then selling your brand like crazy. A great way to do this is to create and sell irresistible merchandise. Think clothing, hats, mugs, cups, and more. Get creative and go for big, bold, and fun. And, you can do this without purchasing inventory yourself! Use a service like Printful; we can help you set it up.

You can expand your outreach without breaking the bank. Just make use of the many tools that sit right at your fingertips. Social media is a powerful marketing tool; participating in local competitions spreads the word in your community; branded merch adds hype to your business. The most important thing you can do is to maximize on every single opportunity that you can.

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