how to get hired at a food truck

How to Get Hired At a Food Truck

If you are an aspiring food truck owner and want to learn from experience, or if you’re just looking for a flexible job to help pay for school, working at a food truck can be the perfect solution. A food truck job will offer lots of experience and give you a foot inside the restaurant industry. Get hired at a food truck by asking for the manager, obtaining a food handling permit, and applying to multiple locations.

Ask for the Manager

With many jobs, especially in the restaurant industry, when going to apply you want to ask for the manager. Asking for the manager shows that you have confidence and respect when interacting with authority figures. Managers are the most well-informed for whether the truck is hiring. If they are not present, ask for contact information to send them your resume. Many food trucks are small enough where the manager and the owner are the same person. Be careful when interacting with everyone to set the best impression.

Get Your Food Handling Permit

A food handling permit can also be referred to as a license, certificate, card, or credentials. This permit proves that you have been properly trained in basic food handling practices that prevent the spread of food borne illnesses. Almost all states require that anyone handling food obtains a permit. Failure to have a permit puts you and the business at risk. Take an accredited, government approved course and the associated final exam to obtain your permit. This course is often completed within one to two days. Start by contacting your local health district; a ServSafe certificate is accepted in many places as well.

Apply to Multiple Locations

There are various mobile restaurants that need employees to help run their business. If the first place you apply to doesn’t hire you, don’t stop trying! It doesn’t mean that every food truck is full. Apply to multiple locations to get a feel for the culture, compare base pay and establish expectations. Doing so will help you find the ideal situation for you.

Working at a food truck will offer great experience and personal skills. Whether you are interested in an after-school job or you hope to be a chef one day, a food truck can help get you started. Get cooking, customer service, and even mechanical experience by working for a food truck near you.

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