How to Go Big on Black Friday at Your Food Truck

how to go big on black friday at your food truck

How to Go Big on Black Friday at Your Food Truck

Black Friday, which occurs on the day after Thanksgiving, is the biggest day of the year for many stores and vendors. People obviously go absolutely wild for a good deal. You can capitalize on all of that fanatic consumerism at your food truck by following the strategies of the Black Friday big guns. Don’t let the buying frenzy of this day pass you by!

Park Near Hot Shopping Spots

For starters, park your truck close to the door-busting stores famous for offering crazy Black Friday deals. These include Best Buy, Macy’s, Target, Kohls, and Walmart. All of that frenzied shopping can only mean one thing: hangry customers who want food. Now! These people will be ravenous and impatient to satisfy their hunger at the closest place possible. You definitely want that place to be you!

Open Early

Of course, you need to be ready to feed the people when the people are ready to eat! Most Black Friday Shoppers get an extremely early start. Many of them will have been up since the crack of dawn. This means that they will be ready for lunch by as early as 10 am! On Black Friday, only the early birds will sell their “worms”! Set up early and have those smells going by 10 am, then watch the crowds flock in!

Mirror Retailer Tactics

Retailers use several strategies to bring in the crowds on Black Friday. One strategy is to offer a limited number of outrageous deals to the first takers. While this strategy can be powerful enough to lead to all-out brawls, it does work. Bring out the competitive edge in people and dream up an amazing deal for the first customers of the day. Even the ones who miss out will most likely stay and get food anyway. Who can resist your authentic, gourmet street food at any price–especially if they are already standing in line? Another strategy is to create a lot of hype in the days leading up to Black Friday. Give people that dreaded and powerful FOMO (fear of missing out) by making your Black Friday specials sound completely irresistible–and maddeningly limited.

Don’t let big retailers make all the money this Black Friday! Take advantage of the hungry crowds by maximizing on this day. By choosing your spot wisely, opening early, and playing the game like the big guns, you will have more business than you have hands to handle!

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