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How to Host a Fun Progressive Dinner

It can be hard to think of fun, new ideas for date nights or group outings. Sometimes it feels like you’re boxed into a monotonous world of restaurants and movies. If you’re charged with coming up with your next activity night, why not try something new? A progressive dinner is something new and unique that everyone in your group will love.

What's a Progressive Dinner?

A progressive dinner is essentially a multi-course meal where each course is eaten at a different setting. Often, progressive dinners move from house to house, but they can take place anywhere, including restaurants and outdoor venues. The idea behind a progressive dinner is that you get to try many different styles of food while enjoying a prolonged evening out with friends or family. You might have Prosciutto Bruschetta for an appetizer, move on to Greek salad and pita, sample some local BBQ for your entrée, then finish up with drinks and Tres Leches for dessert, all at different places. It’s a fun way to experience new places and try new foods with your favorite people!

Using Food Trucks for Your Progressive Dinner

Few things are better suited to progressive dinner dates than food trucks. You won’t have to deal with any awkward conversations like when you’re seated at a nice restaurant and proceed to only order an appetizer! One of the best things about food trucks is that because their space is limited, they serve up only the best food for the food type or cuisine they represent. Sampling different fares from a multitude of food trucks in one night is like culinary nirvana! Plus, no restaurant can rival the fun, relaxed ambience of a food truck.

How WTF Can Help

One benefit of food trucks is that they bring the food to the people. The only downside is that you can’t find them by simply Googling an address. Luckily, when dinner night rolls around, you won’t have to drive around town, willy nilly, looking for food trucks. Where’s the Foodtruck is there to help you find the perfect trucks for your event. We share locations for the best vendors in town, and even put you in touch with them for more details. You can impress your date or friends with a well-planned, unique experience.

Next time you plan a date or outing, think outside the box. Enjoy a wide variety of gourmet street food and broaden your experience at the same time with a food truck progressive dinner. It’s guaranteed to make memories.

Click here to learn more about how to find the best food trucks for your evening out!

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