How to Improve Customer Service at Your Food Truck

How to Improve Customer Service at Your Food Truck

How to Improve Customer Service at Your Food Truck

In the food industry, success is all about the service. Not only do you want to serve up delicious food that people will love, but you also want to deliver up excellent customer service that’ll make people want to share their experience with their friends. Customer service is something that can always be improved, and improving customer service will always help your business. Here are three ways to offer the best service around.


Have you ever noticed that most people are actually pretty terrible at listening? Especially when they feel like they’re under attack. However, listening is the first step to truly understanding. When your customers are giving you negative feedback and you feel your blood starting to boil, take a second to rethink your approach. You might gain valuable insights if you decide to really listen instead. First off, your disgruntled customer could have some legitimate concerns. Second, simply listening goes a long way to rectifying the situation and keeping it contained.

Make Sure Everyone is On Board

You may be amazing at customer service, but your overall customer service quality is only as good as your worst employee. Make sure that everyone’s on board when it comes to how you treat your customers. If the customer is always right, make sure everyone knows that. If you have a money-back guarantee, make sure each employee is clear on that. If you’re offering a sale or promotion, fill everyone in. And teach each team member how to handle unhappy customers.

Get to Know the Regulars

People love to feel noticed. When you’ve got regular customers, get to know them. If they always order the same thing, take note of what that is. Ask them details about their lives and remember to ask about them. Those are the little acts of kindness and caring that go a long way with people. Remember, if you can turn your customers into friends, you’ll have loyal customers for life. Not only will you increase business, but you’ll reap priceless emotional benefits as well.

Customer service is critical to running a successful business. Don’t ever let a problem-to-solve become more important than a person-to-serve. Happy customers are far more likely to return again and again—and bring their friends and family with them.

For more ideas on how to increase your customer loyalty, click here. Then, be sure that your info is up to date with the Where’s the Foodtruck app. You don’t want to miss out on a bunch of hungry people simply because they don’t know where to find you!

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