how to increase bookings for your food truck

How to Increase Bookings for Spring & Summer

When the weather warms up, business picks up. Sure, setting up shop along the street is fine, but there is a lot of money you can make by being hired for private events. Owning a successful food truck requires being a good business manager. Increase your bookings this Spring and Summer by updating your website, staying active on social media, and attending networking events.

Update Your Website

Keeping a clean and polished website is very important for attracting customers. Your website mirrors your business – if it looks messy and outdated, a potential client will associate those feelings with your food truck. Clients will absolutely judge your capabilities based on the appearance of your website. Focus on increasing your SEO ratings to increase your searchability. Provide frequent content updates to help promote your recent work. Make sure you also have a form for visitors to fill out contact you about events.

If you don’t have a website, or need a new one, we offer that as a service. Let’s get you online!

Stay Active on Social Media

Social media is incredibly important for attracting the attention of potential clients. In many ways, social media earmarks your success. With pictures, videos, discussion boards, and interactions, you increase your visibility and notoriety. Hop on the latest TikTok trends, host giveaways, and focus on increasing your interactions with followers to make you more personable. Your social media profile should always have a direct link to your website for a user to find more information about you and your business.

Attend Networking Events

As a food truck owner, you can’t always rely on people finding you. You must go out and find people. Get out there and meet other professionals and business owners by attending networking events. Those you meet can put you in contact with other owners or event professionals who need a food truck to cater at a music concert, political fundraiser, corporate conference, sporting event, etc. Be professional and introduce yourself to event coordinators, business owners, party planners, and others in order to get your name and business out there.

Making and selling good food is a dream gig for many. But savvy food truck owners know that it takes more than just food to be successful. You must have customers. Take advantage of the busiest season by focusing on how you can increase private bookings.

Where’s the Foodtruck is here to help! Check out our article ­­How to Use Where’s The Foodtruck to Your Advantage for ways you can use our platform to increase your business.

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