how to increase efficiency at your food truck

How to Increase Efficiency at Your Food Truck

When a big rush hits, you can only sell as much food as you can manage to crank out before everyone disperses. This makes efficiency vital at your food truck. You may be working in a small space with few hands on deck, but there are still ways to make your food truck more efficient.

Improve Your Layout

Efficiency starts with the layout of your truck. Your movements should be minimal. If you have to work back and forth from one end of the truck to the other, then up, down, up, across, and back again, your layout could do with a bit of tweaking! Organize your equipment and supplies so that you don’t have to move all over the place. Try to place everything you need in order so you only have to work in one direction. Better yet, put everything at arm’s reach so that you don’t have to move at all.

Modernize Your Equipment

If your equipment is getting slow and clunky, it might be wise to invest in some new equipment. This is beneficial in a few ways. First, you won’t have to deal with that slow-warming grill or questionable fryer for another day! Second, many newer models of appliances run more efficiently which will save you money in the long run. Third, you can trade in your old, clunky model for something with more programmable features, speeding things up further. If you can’t afford brand-new equipment, look for quality used appliances

Train Your Employees

Even with the right layout and most modern equipment, your truck can only be as efficient as your slowest employee. Slow and steady may win the race in many industries, but at a food truck, you need workers who know how to move! Teach your employees to follow efficiency protocols for every task. You can make it fun with games, races, and challenges. For example, the employee who can make the perfect taco faster than you gets a prize!

If making more food faster will make you more money, it’s worth boosting your efficiency. Watch closely as your team prepares food, cleans up, and even takes payments. If something is taking longer than it should, do what it takes to remove the hiccups. A more efficient truck should be a more profitable truck.

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