How to Safely Play Food Pranks on Your Customers

how to safely play food pranks on your customers

How to Safely Play Food Pranks on Your Customers

If you’re preparing for April Fools’ Day and you want to get in on the pranks, you should definitely join in. Just make sure you follow these dos and don’ts to keep everyone happy and having fun.

Do: Make It Obvious

The customer should know what they are getting. Unlike when mom serves weird things for dinner, your customers are paying for the food that they get. They don’t have to know every detail, but they should know that there is a little prank with their food. That doesn’t mean they can’t buy it for someone else and prank them though!

Don’t: Take Advantage of Your Customer

Similar to the first do, you want to make sure that your customer doesn’t feel tricked or that they paid for one thing and got something else. If they think they are getting a more expensive dish and they are paying a higher price, don’t give them something else. Making them overpay for a joke isn’t funny. In fact, if you want people more involved, you may even want to run your food pranks as a special.

Do: Watch for Allergens

Whether you routinely deal with cross-contamination or not, make sure you’re clear about any allergens you’re introducing to a dish that might not normally be there. This is especially important if the dish is normally allergen-free or if you have any regulars who have mentioned an allergy before. An allergic reaction is no joke, and you don’t want to be responsible for that. 

Don’t: Forget to Label Things:

This goes for in the food truck and when serving food. Chances are, you don’t often play food pranks or modify your food in this specific way, so make sure you and your staff have things clearly labeled and instructions written out for any of the changes. You don’t want service to slow down for the sake of something new.

Do: Make It Shareable:

Letting your customers get in on the prank is half the fun! While you should be fairly obvious with your food pranks, your customers can serve them to unsuspecting family and friends and enjoy their reaction to whatever you have dreamed up. And if it is something they want to share online, that’s great publicity for you.

Don’t: Forget to Have Fun:

The point of food pranks and April Fool’s Day is to have fun. You should enjoy this experience, and so should your customers. After all, keeping things lighthearted and enjoying a meal with a twist is something that everyone can look forward to.

Whether pranking or not, keeping your food safe should be a top priority. Are you preparing for your first inspection? Here’s what to expect!

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