how to set up a great valentines menu

How to Set Up a Great Valentine’s Menu

With Valentine’s Day coming up fast, it’s time to start thinking about how your food truck can celebrate the holiday and bring in more business. While Valentine’s Day is very much a day about celebrating love, most of these celebrations involve food of some kind, which means that this is the time for your food truck to shine.

Create a Couple’s Special

For couples who are out on a date, having a couple’s special that they can take advantage of is a great deal, and it gives you the perfect marketing opportunity to draw people in. These specials can be a discounted price, a buy one get one free, an added item if they buy two entrees, or anything else that will fit well with your food and pricing. Not only should you offer this, but you should also make sure that everyone is well aware of it. Posting about it on social media, adding signs, and making it a prominent part of your menu are important.

Incorporate Hearts

Hearts are pretty much considered the universal symbol of Valentine’s Day and love, so getting creative with this can be a fun way to celebrate this holiday. You can add heart decorations to your truck and menu board to start, but you should also get creative about how to incorporate them in your menu. For instance, if your truck sells pizza or sandwiches, consider making your food in the shape of a heart. If you offer desserts, try adding heart sprinkles on top. Coffee trucks can try latte art in the shape of hearts. The possibilities are endless, and stand a good chance of ending up on the social media of happy customers!

Think Cherry and Strawberry

If you’re playing with flavors for Valentine’s Day, look no further than cherry and strawberry. Along with the colors red and pink, these flavors are a staple for Valentine’s Day, especially in desserts and drinks. Using these flavors is a great way to take your regular menu items and spice them up just a little as a holiday special. Add in some fun colors and a cute name, and you have a great Valentine’s Day menu item that you already know people will enjoy.

Setting up your menu to take advantage of the couples who are looking for a great Valentine’s Day experience is a good way to draw in additional customers, even if you live and operate somewhere that is still a little cold. Use these tips to make a good holiday for you!

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