how to take great food pictures

How to Take Great Food Pictures

Everyone does it. When they find a food they love or think looks pretty, they want to document it. There is no reason you can’t take professional level pictures. The next time you pull out your phone to snap a quick food pic, follow these three simple suggestions to make sure it’s Food Network quality.

Know Your Aesthetic

Knowing your aesthetic is all about knowing what kind of message you want to communicate with your food. Are you taking a picture to write a review? Is your picture going up on Instagram or a food blog? These kinds of questions can help you identify the style and feel of your photo. Natural light can bring an airy feel. Dark settings bring in more earth tones. When taking pictures on your phone, you can adjust the focus and exposure to help you achieve the aesthetic you are aiming for.

Consider Lighting

A major part of photography is lighting. You want to avoid shooting in the bright sun because that will cause exposure problems. Natural lighting and overcast days are perfect for diffusing the light and helping you obtain a sharp image. Shadows are also important in photography. They can make or break an image. Harsh shadows can be an aesthetic choice or a distraction from your masterpiece. Soft shadows add dimension and depth to an image. When taking food pictures, avoid direct light or find a way to diffuse it with a reflector. Even a piece of paper will help combat harsh shadows.

Framing Your Image

Great food pictures focus on the food. But your framing determines desirability. It is easier to shoot from above to create a strong and balanced composition. If your item is a drink or something that has interesting layers, consider shooting from the side. Hold your item up against the backdrop of the city, park, fair, or wherever else you find yourself. You should also try to eliminate or blur out distracting backgrounds.

Restaurants and foodtrucks love when you post flattering pictures of their food. It communicates appreciation for their craft and helps advertise their business. Snap a pic for the gram that will make your friends’ mouths water. While you’re at it, upload it for a review so customers know what to look forward to.

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