How to Turn Your Corporate Party Into a Morale Booster

With all the time, money and energy that’s involved in throwing a company party, you want it to be as enjoyable as possible. Employees work long hours and can often feel disengaged in the office if they feel they are being underappreciated. However, there are many different ways you can turn your company party into a fun and enjoyable experience that all your workers will appreciate.

Hire Food Trucks

Food trucks have been growing in popularity for the last several years, and for good reason! They’re a convenient way to feed a group of people without the hassles of set up or time-consuming coordination. With a simple inquiry, you could have a bevy of food trucks lined up in your parking lot, giving your employees a wide assortment of foods to choose from. This is also a great option if you’re trying to accommodate different dietary needs, as many food trucks today are available for those who are vegetarian, gluten-free, or those who just like to eat healthy foods. For those that don’t mind splurging, bring in a dessert food truck as well for a sweet treat.

Play Games

Games are a great way to grow your team-building culture, and there are so many fantastic ones to choose from! Here are 10 Mystery Box Games You Can Play Solo or in Small Groups that everyone at your company can enjoy at your event. Whether it’s a competitive board game or a fun interactive one like Jenga, having everyone working together to beat another team is a fantastic way to boost morale. Don’t limit the fun to traditional games though! Escape rooms and other out-of-the-box ideas can help your employees bond and create memorable moments that will help them learn to work better together.

Cocktail Bar

Stirring up some delicious cocktails is an easy way to create a relaxed and enjoyable environment at your next company party. Consider having a signature drink based on your company or industry for people to imbibe but be sure to stock all the usual favorites as well. Distributing drink tickets for each guest is a good way to ensure that everyone has a safe evening and making non-alcoholic beverages available for designated drivers or those who don’t drink is a sensible option as well.

Consider a Costumer Party

Do you have a fun group who would love to show off their creative side? Consider adding a costume element to your next company party. Costumes are not just for Halloween anymore! You can set a fun theme for everyone to work within that’s relevant to your business, or you can have it be a free-for-all where they can select a costume of their own choosing. Handing out awards for best costume, most creative, and funniest outfit are a great way to boost morale and send everyone home with a smile on their face. You could even make it a murder mystery party where everyone dresses up as their character!

Host a Trivia Night

Is your office full of a bunch of smart cookies who love showing off their knowledge? Then a trivia night might be perfect for your organization! Setting up small teams who can work together to score the most points is a great way to foster a sense of teamwork in each department. Topics can range from sports to history to pop culture, giving everyone a chance to show off their smarts. Pick up a few small trophies so the winners can flaunt their expertise in a friendly way.

It can be hard to plan a company party for so many different types of personalities, but luckily, there are some great ideas out there that are sure to please almost everyone.


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