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How to Use Where’s The Foodtruck to Your Advantage

Where’s The Foodtruck (WTF) acts as a middleman to connect the foodtruck industry with their customers. Where’s The Foodtruck offers a mobile app where foodtruck operators can update their location, menu, daily specials, events, and more. Operators are given a free membership, location tracking, and mobile ordering for a seamless marketing experience. The app allows customers to find and discover local foodtrucks, access deals & daily specials, stay up-to-date on events, customize notifications, and order ahead through the app to skip the line and utilize contactless payments.

Sign Up for a Free Membership

The purpose of our company is to get more customers for your mobile food vending business. Signing up for a membership is completely free! The process is also simple: fill out the short form on our website and create a profile. Soon your business will be seen, found, and shared all within our app. Let WTF guide customers to you to increase your business’ brand awareness and profit potential.

Update Your Location

One of the unique features in our app is the ability to easily offer precise location updates. When you show up to an event or set up shop for the day, it’s important to update your location. Doing so will help new customers discover you and existing customers track you down to satisfy their cravings. Users that are looking for a nearby food source will only be able to find you if they can see you. What they can’t see doesn’t cross their radar as an available option. Increase your visibility by making your location public to attract more customers.

Offer Mobile Ordering

Services like Door Dash and UberEATS have made the increased demand for mobile ordering. Restaurants that offer this option have seen an increase in profits and customer retention. The same principle applies to your restaurant on wheels. Through the WTF app, you can offer mobile ordering for your customers; WTF doesn’t charge you any fees! Many customers prefer this method because it is fast, easy, and it doesn’t require immediate attendance. When at an event or on the run, an individual can just open the app, place their order, pay, and pick it up when it’s ready.

Upgrade to Premier Membership

If you’re already a member of our growing foodtruck family, and you use our app regularly to promote your business, then you’ve seen firsthand the value that our free, basic membership provides. Do you want to ‘upgrade’ your revenues and fast-track your success on our platform?

Our Premier Membership gives you access to a few more highly effective marketing features within the app. Premier members also receive preference for catering and scheduling opportunities, and they have access to our discounted products and services for your daily operations. The quality is better and the prices are lower on items your business needs and uses every day. Click here to see more benefits to upgrading.

Where’s the Foodtruck understands that good food is hard to find, but always available. Use Where’s the Foodtruck to your advantage to attract customers to the great food you offer. Using WTF for your business is easy and effective in connecting foodies with their favorite food trucks.

Check out our Getting Started page to submit your profile info for access to our platform and existing customers today!

About WTF

We are a platform connecting foodies and foodtrucks. For nearby foodtruck locations, events, deals & daily specials, advanced mobile ordering, foodtruck booking & catering, and more… download our foodie app.

For the foodtruckers out there, get started for free with our vendor app.

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