Is Eating at a Food Truck Healthier Than Fast Food?

eating at a food truck can be healthier than fast food

Is Eating at a Food Truck Healthier Than Fast Food?

It can be! And often is.

Food trucks sometimes get a bad rep because of the food they serve. Some people think that food truck food is just as, if not more, unhealthy than fast food. We’re here to tell you they’re wrong. Below are a few reasons why eating at a food truck can be healthier than fast food.

Fewer Processed Ingredients

Gourmet food trucks pride themselves on the freshness of their ingredients. Often you will see truck owners at a local farmer’s market picking up fresh produce and products to make their specialty items. Because there is minimal room in a truck for a freezer, most of their ingredients are fresh. With fewer processed ingredients, calories naturally go down while the nutrients go up. Many fast-food chains can’t compete with the level of freshness because of their standardized processes.

Food is Made in Smaller Batches

The very nature of food trucks restricts the amount of food they can make and sell. They don’t have drive up windows with hundreds of items to choose from. Instead, they offer what they can fit and make inside their kitchen. When the ingredients are out, they close up shop and come back another day. With food being made in smaller batches, there is less room for error. There is also less room for greasy boilers and cheap meals made in massive batches. Smaller batches means more control over what goes in and what comes out.

Food Trucks Rely on Reputation

For food trucks, their reputation is everything when it comes to attracting and maintaining business. Food truck owners want to produce quality food that people want to keep coming back for. Unlike big fast-food chains, they can’t afford a mistake in the kitchen to get published online. Owners and employees are especially diligent in preparing food in a clean space with high quality results, which is why your food often comes out tasting and being that much better for you.

Let’s put the rumor about unhealthy food trucks to rest. A proud food truck owner will offer you food that is prepared with fewer processed ingredients, made in smaller batches, and relies on reputation. You still need a well-balanced diet, but eating at a food truck can be healthier than fast food.

For additional reasons food truck service can be better than fast food, check out ­­Why You Should Choose to Eat at a Foodtruck.

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