Kid-Favorite Food Truck Foods

Kid-Favorite Food Truck Foods

As a parent with young kids, eating out can be a bit of an ordeal. With all the wailing, complaining, throwing food, and spilling drinks, you might feel more bedraggled after a night out than you would have had you simply decided to stay home and cook. But that will only be because you went to a traditional restaurant instead of eating at a food truck! Food trucks are perfect for kids, with no long wait to be seated, no endless adult talk waiting for food, and an outside venue where they can make all the noise they want! Plus, it’s easy to find food trucks that serve up foods kids will actually eat. Here are three tried-and-true kid favorites.

Ice Cream

What could possibly be more nostalgic of childhood than the ice cream truck pulling into the neighborhood with that iconic happy music blaring from the external speaker and fanciful treats to choose from? Next time you hear that familiar sound, consider sending your kids out with a few dollars to spend on a treat. It’s a magical experience that they’ll never forget!

Snow Cones

Few things say summer like a trip to the snow cone truck! With thousands of them spread throughout the country, snow cone trucks are one of the most popular types of food trucks. Who can resist the pull of a thousand different flavors and flavor combinations melted into soft, fluffy ice on a hot day? Kids especially love snow cones. Want to be their favorite parent, grandparent, aunt, or uncle? Take them to go get an icy treat at the local snow cone truck!


It’s basically a rite of passage to love mac-n-cheese as a kid. Just be sure not to get it overly adulterated. Kids love plain ol’ hot and shmelty mac-n-cheese at its simplest form—boxed if possible! If nothing else interests your kids, find a truck that serves mac-n-cheese. You’ll have a few minutes of bliss as your kids happily eat their food for once!

While your kids are guaranteed to love ice cream, snow cones, and mac-n-cheese, know that food trucks in general are the perfect choice for a delicious outing. You’re sure to find something both you and the kids will love, whether it’s chicken nuggets, fries, tacos, hot dogs, burgers, or pizza. Best of all, your kids can just be kids all night long and not bother a soul!

We just gave you one compelling reason to eat at a food truck; click here for even more reasons! Then, be sure to download the Where’s the Foodtruck app so that you never miss the location of your favorite street food vendors.

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