Location Promo Materials

We are excited for you to have foodtrucks on-site on a regular basis. You’re probably putting effort into promoting which vendor(s) will be on-site, at what times & dates, sharing menus, and helping ensure their success. That’s much appreciated and contributes to a good partnership.

To simplify your efforts, we are offering to provide branded promotional materials to you at no cost. These materials share our app, a centralized way for folks to know everything about attending foodtrucks, get alerts when they arrive, and order ahead so they can enjoy the experience rather than stress about time or stand in a line waiting.

Please, select any items below that you will use to promote on-site, and we’ll produce and ship them to you for free!

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Are foodtrucks being scheduled regularly on your property through the WTF app, Rolling Menus, or someone else?
Are you self-managing your schedule or is another booker/scheduler doing this for you?
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What kind of small-format marketing materials do you want?
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