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Lucky Items to Add to Your March Menu

Businesses that offer seasonal items always see an increase in sales and profits. Seasonal items attract customers because it gives them variety from what you typically serve and helps them celebrate the season. Capitalize on the St. Patrick’s holiday by adjusting your menu for the month of March.

St. Patrick’s Day Drinks

Especially around St. Patrick’s Day there is an endless variety of drinks you can add to your menu. Come up with your own creative mix or serve some classic favorites to your customers. There are plenty of options including flavored coffees and teas, floats, hot chocolate, and smoothies you can choose from. If you plan to serve alcoholic beverages, make sure you have proper licensing.

Leprechaun Treats

Adding a few additional dessert items to your menu is an easy and efficient way of changing up your menu. These desserts don’t have to be specific to St. Patrick’s Day. How you market your limited edition menu items will give it the charm you need to pique customer interest. For example, you can add green food coloring or rename a simple dessert by calling it a “leprechaun treat”.  A few easy treat ideas include lucky charm rice krispies, shamrock sugar cookies, grasshopper brownies, shamrock shakes, chocolate gold, and so much more!

Irish Themed Meals

If you really want to embrace St. Patrick’s Day, you should consider adding a few Irish themed meals to your menu. Of course, there are traditional Irish dishes like stew, salmon, shepherd’s pie, etc. But you can still stay in the comfort of your truck’s specialty by tweaking current menu items to celebrate the holiday. If you make breakfast foods, consider green pancakes or muffins. Green tortillas can be a fun addition to any Mexican themed food truck. Examine your current menu to determine the most effective way to implement an Irish theme.

Adding seasonal items to your menu gives customers an excuse to keep coming back. Whatever you add to your menu, make sure it’s good. Even with a seasonal item, if it doesn’t taste great, it can cost you. But proving you can have some fun and serve great food will keep your brand fresh and attractive for your customers.

For additional ideas on drawing in more customers this month, be sure to check out our article ­­How to Make Your Food Truck Stand Out for some great insight!

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