ways to pay for food at a food truck

Methods of Paying for Food

Many stores have transitioned to mobile ordering, mobile POS systems and even payments through apps. However, when it comes to food trucks, these are small businesses that typically have a smaller number of resources. The three most popular methods of paying for food at a food truck include cash, credit card, and Venmo.


Cash has always been the foundational way of paying for things. Paying with cash has many personal benefits and advantages for the business owner. For starters, you only spend what you have. Because of this people often spend less. When you are eating out, you can set a budget and easily stick to that budget because without cash you won’t be getting any food. Cash also offers you a good deal because it doesn’t come with fees like credit and debit cards. Many small businesses prefer cash payments because it reduces fees and gives them insurance for the income they earn.

Credit Card

One of the major benefits of paying with a credit card, is you don’t have to carry cash with you. Almost all food truck owners will have a credit card or mobile POS system to do transactions with you. You can even ask for a receipt to be printed, emailed, or texted to you. A credit card offers stronger fraud protections and often lets the owner keep better track of personal expenses. There are various credit cards available that let you earn rewards through your spending. When eating out you can earn cash back to put towards more fun nights out or help you save for the future.

Digital Payments

There are plenty of digital ways to pay for purchases these days. Some vendors might accept bitcoin, Venmo, Cashapp, or even NFTs. (What is this world coming to? haha.) These types of options have become increasingly popular for small businesses, like food trucks, to use as an alternative payment method. Our favorite method? Good guess: ordering and paying right through our app, where you can pay with a credit card, Google pay, or (coming soon) Apple Pay. The best part about these options? Sometimes you forget your wallet, but you rarely forget your phone, so you’re always able to enjoy a meal.

Payment methods will continue to evolve. Some trucks will adjust to these changes, and some will stay with tried-and-true methods. The next time you are ordering at a food truck, check to see if they accept cash, credit card, or if they offer mobile ordering through our app.

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