most popular foods to find at food trucks

Most Popular Foods to Find at Food Trucks

Food trucks are a popular dining option for people across the United States. Food trucks offer a unique and personal experience through their creative delivery and popular dishes. Most food trucks offer foods that are easy to eat, tasty, and satisfy your cravings. The most popular foods you can expect to find at a food truck include barbeque, sliders, and tacos.


Well-made barbeque is something that’s hard to find, but gold once you find it. Many food trucks have perfected the art of making barbeque foods. With smokers and various types of meat, you can smell the meat a block away. One of the reasons why food trucks are so good at barbeque is because they are not making massive batches. They prepare what they have and close up shop when they are sold out. The next time you are looking for good barbeque, check with Where’s The Foodtruck to find a truck serving it near you.


Burgers are perhaps the most popular restaurant food. Whether you are at a nice restaurant or getting something fast, burgers are always on the menu. Food trucks are well known for their ability to make delicious hamburgers. They have also perfected the art of making delicious smash burgers. Rather than making the traditional burger, foodtrucks are adding their own twist with unique flavor combinations. The simplest ingredients make for an explosion of flavor in your mouth. Best part is, they’re quick to cook, so you’re not waiting too long for a thick patty to reach your desired temps.


Serving Mexican food is always a fan favorite. Serving tacos at a food truck goes back to the very beginning of restaurants on wheels. Some people claim that the food truck movement started in southern California, heavily influenced by Mexican culture and food. Hence why you have so many taco trucks. Tacos are easy to assemble, easy to consume, and tasty. Recent trends include birria style, which is a flavorful consume to dip the tacos in. Find your favorite taco truck and share it with friends for the perfect night out.

Barbeque, sliders, and tacos are the most popular foods you’ll find at a food truck. However, trucks are known to offer endless options, such as wood-fired pizza, sushi, ramen, hawaiian, filipino, and more. Whether you have a craving or want to try something new, easily explore your local food truck options on our app.

For more reasons to eat at a food truck your next night out, check out Why You Should Choose to Eat at a Foodtruck for a delicious meal!

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