Exclusive Premier Member Benefits

You already have access to these great features:

  • Map Your Exact Location (GPS-precision)

    Sharing your location is key to success in our industry. Nothing's more exact than GPS. Mark your location every time you're open. Even better, set your location and hours at the start of every day you're working by using the "Arriving Soon" feature.

  • Automated "Open" Push Notifications

    Every time your status updates to "Open", we automatically send push notifications to every nearby user. Whether they already love you or have never heard of you, we're going to send them to your window for more sales!

  • Social Media Promotions & Support

    When you first signed up, we promoted you across 5 social media platforms and through our app and website. We also 'liked' and 'followed' the social media accounts you shared with us.

  • Improved SEO & Search Results

    By sharing your social media and other business links on our apps and website, and by creating a custom microsite for you on our own domain, search engines like Google will rank you higher in organic search results for potential customers to find you.

Premier Members get access to these additional benefits:

  • Post Deals & Daily Specials

    When you're running a special, giving a discount, or promoting your most profitable menu item, sharing to all local local foodies on our app is the best way to do it. We suggest advertising a deal and/or daily special at least once a week to increase customer brand awareness. We'll share your deals & daily specials to every one of our app users in town!

  • Promote Your Events

    Foodies love events. Promote the events you're at to increase attendance rates and your success. We'll send alerts to all of our users in town right when you post the event. Then, we'll send a reminder the week of the event.

  • Automated Push Notifications

    Promoting your deals, daily specials, and events is done automatically. All you do is add it to the app; we'll do the rest. We also increase the reach of your push notifications to a 25 mile radius.

  • Increased Social Media Engagement

    We'll tag you more often in our posts, such as our "National food day" promotions, Premier Member promotions, and more. And, if you mention and tag us in your own posts, we will like, comment, and repost for you (when possible and appropriate).

  • Discounted Services

    Your business needs more than your chef skills to be successful. You need to know web design, bookkeeping, insurance, HR, industry best practices, ServSafe certificates, labeling, menu engineering, technology solutions, and much more. With our years in the F&B industry, we are experts, and we offer our services to you at discounted rates.

  • Discounted Business Products

    You also need more than your recipes and ingredients to be successful. We have the best prices for quality products like business cards, menus, door hangers, stickers, merch, banners, paper goods, POS hardware, and more. If you need it, ask us first if you want to save money through our national contracts!

  • Priority Referrals

    For catering requests, we will refer YOU above others to our clients, listing you as a Premier Vendor, and therefore securing you more gigs than other, basic vendors.

  • Priority Scheduling

    We'll make sure that you get first notice when scheduling and catering opportunities are posted on our app for you to apply for. We'll also refer and recommend you to our clients as one of our Premier Vendors.