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Products You Can Purchase Other Than Food

Food trucks are the perfect place to buy… food. It’s delicious and provides a unique experience and memories for years to come. Food trucks don’t just sell food, they often sell other products to support their business as well. Products you can purchase other than food includes specialty spices and secret sauces, merchandise, and gift cards.

Packaged Specialty Spices and Sauces

Have you ever wondered what makes your favorite food truck’s food so good? Simple answer is their special and unique secret ingredients. They’ve got it dialed in to reproduce your favorite dish every single time. Some trucks even prepackage their secret seasons and sell them. BBQ seasonings, Mexican spices, special sauces, you name it! Your favorite food can be made whenever your favorite food truck isn’t nearby to serve it to you. Ask your local food trucks if they sell their spices packaged. If they don’t, they probably need you to give them the idea.


Clothes say a lot about a person. Logos they wear show what companies they support. It is common for t-shirts to be a way of cheering someone on and broadcasting a message. Food trucks love to print t-shirts, hats, and other clothing for their business because it becomes free word-of-mouth advertising. Food trucks are also known for having creative slogans (like our own “WTF”) and unique designs on their shirts that are guaranteed to draw attention. Typically, for $15-20 you can add to your wardrobe and tell the rest of the world about your favorite place to eat by purchasing apparel from a local food truck.

Gift Cards

Have you ever been stumped on what to get someone for their birthday or a holiday? When in doubt, gift cards are always a home run. Share your love of food and your favorite place with someone you care about by giving them a gift card to a food truck. You can always purchase multiple gift cards at once and have them on hand if you forget to get someone a present. Gift cards are a big way of supporting a local business by encouraging others to also give them their attention.

Next time, be sure to ask your local food truck what else they sell. Asking could be the ticket that encourages them to take a leap. Show support for a small business by purchasing merchandise in addition to your favorite meal.

For more ideas on what you can purchase to support a local food truck, check out ­­Unique Gift Ideas Anyone Would Enjoy.

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