Professional Tips for Home Chefs

Professional Tips for Home Chefs

The best way to get a professional quality meal is to eat out and, well, let the professionals take care of the cooking. Sometimes, however, you want a delicious, intimate meal in the comfort of your own home. You may not have your culinary degree, but you can cook more like a Michelin-starred chef with these simple tips.

Don’t Skimp on the Fats

The best chefs understand the importance of fat in cooking. It keeps meats moist and pastries flaky, and it delivers a powerful punch of flavor. Choosing the right fats will greatly improve your cooking. Keep in mind that different fat sources have different smoke points. Choose an oil with a smoke point above the temperature that you will be using to cook your food. For example, butter has a low smoke point of 300-350 degrees Fahrenheit, while safflower oil doesn’t begin smoking until it reaches 510 degrees. This means that butter is an excellent, flavorful fat for sauteing and roasting, while safflower oil is much better for deep-fat frying. Also, make sure to purchase quality oils. Cheap oils tend to lack flavor and refinement.

Use Fresh Ingredients

When it comes to cooking, fresh ingredients just taste better. Whenever possible, avoid canned, dried, and frozen ingredients and opt for fresh versions. Processed ingredients tend to be filled with salt and sugar, both of which mask the food’s true flavor. On the other hand, foods cooked with fresh ingredients allow the natural flavors of the ingredients to shine. Furthermore, fresh ingredients retain nutrients far better than their processed counterparts.

It’s All About the Spices!

Professional chefs aren’t scared of herbs, spices, and seasonings. However, they have also learned the delicate art of adding them to taste. When you dump in a bunch of spices all at once, you run the risk of overdoing it. Instead, add a little and taste until you get it right. Keep in mind that some seasonings need time for the flavors to infuse. Let pepper and dry herbs simmer for about 15 minutes before tasting and adding more.

Cooking is an art form that can take years to perfect. However, you will never get there without plenty of practice. Start by mastering basic cooking techniques, then move on to specific recipes. Soon you will begin producing meals worthy of your favorite restaurant or food truck!

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