Questions You Can Ask to Improve Your Dining Experience

questions you can ask to improve your dining experience

Questions You Can Ask to Improve Your Dining Experience

With so many options available at most eateries, it can be difficult to navigate the menu. Half the time, you may not even know what something is! And even when you do know what something is, it can be a bit intimidating to figure out what you would most enjoy. Eating out isn’t cheap, and no one wants to be the person stuck with an entree that they just can’t stomach. Here are three questions you can ask to improve your dining experience.

How is This Prepared?

Asking questions might feel a bit awkward, but you have the right to know what you’re paying for. While the ingredients make up the substance of a meal, the preparation is crucial as well. There’s a big difference between a frozen, microwaved bagel and a homemade bagel coming to you piping hot straight from the oven. You might also have a distinct preference between a fried burger and a chargrilled burger. Asking how something is prepared will offer important clues about how it will taste.

Is This Prepared In-House?

Many chain restaurants resort to pre-packaged, frozen meals that are simply heated and served. You can be sure that these foods won’t taste as good as the ones that are made in-house. In-house foods are much more likely to be fresh and full of flavor. Plus, they’re prepared under the watchful eye of an experienced chef. Be sure to order foods that are made in-house to optimize your dining experience.

What's Your Most Popular Dish?

It isn’t always advisable to follow the crowd, but when it comes to food, popularity matters. As a general rule of thumb, so many people can’t be wrong about the best foods on the menu. Ask your server what the most popular dish is, and you have a good chance of loving it, too. You can also ask your server what their favorite dish is. They’ve probably tried most items on the menu, and can weed out the more ‘unique’ items for you!

Remember, when you eat out, the person taking your order is there for more than just the order-taking. They can guide you in the selection process, as well. Most employees are well-informed about the foods they serve, and they can help make sure that you leave happy!

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