School Fundraiser Ideas

School Fundraiser Ideas

The kids are back in school and you know what that means: Fundraisers! If you are a school administrator, PTO president, or even just a concerned parent, you want the very best for your school. Of course, no school gets enough money from the state to provide everything your kids need to be set up for success. And yet, no one wants to deal with the door-to-door candy, candles, popcorn, wrapping paper, or bread sales of the past. Luckily, you have other options for fun, simple fundraisers that everyone can enjoy!

Hold an On-Site Food Truck Fundraiser

Food trucks are perfect for fundraisers. Because they’re mobile, they can go wherever you need them to be! There are two ways to use a food truck for your fundraiser. First, just like with brick-and-mortar restaurant fundraisers, you can contact your favorite food truck owner and ask them to support your school or club. Simply inform people about the fundraiser and the food truck might offer a portion of the night’s proceeds. The other option is even more fun! Host a food truck or two at your school. Kids and parents alike can gather, enjoy mingling at the school together, and eat delicious food that they didn’t have to cook!

Hold a School Dance

What kid doesn’t love hanging out with their friends outside of the school day in a fun, relaxed, social setting? School dances cost little to nothing to operate and can really rake in the profits. Simply charge each kid a small entrance fee and crank up the music. You can take it even further by hiring out a few food trucks for the night. Tell the kids to bring some cash for food and ask the food truck owners if they would be willing to donate a portion of the night’s proceeds.

Hold a Raffle

Raffles are awesome fundraisers because lots of people participate but the cost to you is low. You might even be able to get some amazing prizes donated by local businesses. Once you have a handful of irresistible prizes, amp up the kids about their chances of winning. What parent can resist an enthusiastic kid who firmly believes they can win a new X-box?

Don’t spend another year messing around with catalogs and ledgers and underage door-to-door salespeople. Instead, choose a fundraiser that everyone will love! The above ideas all have two very important elements in common: they’re easy and fun!

You can learn more about how to use a food truck at your next fundraiser by clicking here. You might be surprised at how much money a simple food vendor can earn for your school. People have to eat – why not use that to make some money?

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