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Setting Goals Your Food Truck Can Achieve

Rolling into the new year is the perfect time to establish goals for your food truck. Goals can be daunting but they are what keep us honest with ourselves and push us to achieve new heights. A few goals you can set for your food truck include increasing customer conversions, online branding, and expanding your event bookings.

Increased Customer Conversion

Customers are what keep you in business. If your goal is to increase the number of customers you have, you must first find reasons for a customer to choose you before someone else. Update your menu and services to appeal to a larger audience. Execute supreme customer service when interacting with customers. Most importantly, encourage your current customers to leave reviews and give referrals. Most customers do not purchase a product without first reading reviews. Reviews are a key component for turning a casual browser into a customer.

Online Branding

Online branding is crucial for any business. So much of the world is online that without an online presence, people will not know or care about your product. You can increase branding efforts by putting time into your social media profiles and SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Update your website frequently with new posts or blogs, and get more interactions online. Having backlinks (links to you from other sites in the industry, like Where’s The Foodtruck) is also a great way to increase your visibility to customers. Take time each week to post updates about your business and interact with customers online to establish your brand.

Expand Event Bookings

When you book a private event, your business thrives. Event bookings are golden for food truck owners because it brings you business and indicates that you have successfully gotten your name out there. Increasing the number of event bookings you have next year is a commendable and completely achievable goal. Look at city calendars to schedule public events you can attend. While there, be sure to advertise and tell customers that you are available for private events. You can also offer online booking through Where’s The Foodtruck and include easy access links on your social media profiles.

The new year is full of fresh beginnings and motivated individuals. Motivate yourself and your team to achieve your goals for this next year. Even if you don’t succeed all the way, you will be better for trying.

Where’s the Foodtruck can help you achieve your goals for this New Year! Check out our article How to Use Where’s The Foodtruck to Your Advantage for ideas on how we can help you this next year.

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